Developing a vibrant communications strategy for TAOU

The communications strategy for TAOU is derived from a perception and programming shift that aims to create a brand that exhorts people to reach out while at the same time building the “voice’’ at the joycasino en com joycasino официальный сайт зеркало grassroots that can put pressure on planners and policy-makers to have policies интернет казино гейминатор in their favour. The call for action and the change is captured in the tagline “Demanding rights for all’’.

The objective of the communication strategy for TAOU therefore is three-fold:

  1. To support the TAOU aspiration to be a leading player and actor in the Ugandan civil society firmament by helping it to reach out to concerned stakeholders and duty-bearers in innovative ways.
  2. To support the TAOU strategy in linking innovative grassroots programmes to policy making by helping to support “voices’’ that can make it possible.
  3. To help include more and more people in our mission and vision by exhorting them to join us in our endeavor to create a “just, equitable and fair society’’.

How can you get involved?

1. Individual Support

i. Donation:
You can make a contribution financially and help us in reaching out to more people. You can inform your colleagues, family and friends about our work, and motivate them to make a contribution.

ii. High Value Donors:
We request affluent professionals and individuals to donate regularly and spread our message to others. We would like high value donors to support us through gifts in cash or kind, starting trusts, or by adopting a project.

iii. Wills & Trusts:
Formation of trusts will help build a relationship between TAOU and you where the beneficiary will be the people whom we work for and with. We have eminent lawyers to regulate and form trusts and wills. We will give you regular information about how TAOU is using your funds.

2. Corporate Donations

Building corporate relationships is of extreme importance to TAOU to bring about a progressive change. Corporate donations include events, charity shows, project adoption, payroll giving etc. It will motivate your staff, give you a positive social image and even increase sales.

Adopt a Project: Donors can sponsor a specific project and they can adopt from causes like education, women empowerment, and sustainable livelihood for small farmers among others. TAOU will stand by you and give you regular information about the project you adopt.

Payroll Giving: A simple and unique way for thousands of individuals who would like to do something for the community; it comes directly from the employees’ gross salary before the tax is deducted. It assures an income to TAOU which helps in better planning for the future. Supporting the community has never been so easy.

Cause Related Marketing: You can do what you do best – marketing – and help TAOU in the process. If you have a special promotion planned to boost your profit/sales, you could donate a percentage of the same to TAOU. For example, if you have a promotion scheme, you could state that a percentage of the proceeds would go to TAOU.

Events: Your organization probably creates or sponsors events to promote your brands. Joint events can be worked out according to your organization’s needs/policies which also create awareness about underprivileged sections of society. You could assist us by providing us space to facilitate fundraising at the event, contributing a part of your sponsorship budget to our social development efforts, etc.