National Level:

At the core of governance practice is the TAOU Board comprised of seven members with different backgrounds which facilitates and oversees how management serves and protects the long-term interest of all stakeholders. An active, well informed and independent Board is necessary to ensure highest standards of governance.

The Board bears the ultimate responsibility for TAOU in achieving the purposes for which it exists. The four main tasks of the Board are;
–  Policy formulation,
–  Strategic thinking,
–  Management supervision and
–  Accountability to the organisation’s supporters, donors, staff, and those who are affected by its work.

District Level:
TAOU has another over seer of its operations at district level called the District Advisory Committee members whose role are to ensure that activities in their respective districts are implemented according to the strategic plan of the organisation.

TAOU has a total of 16 full time staff and six support staff.

Lead:  Arthur Byakagaba – Project Coordinator