Trust for Africa’s Orphans Uganda (TAOU) is a registered NGO (Registration Certificate No. 4332) in Uganda since 24th November 2011. TAOU has field offices in Pader, Kole and Kole districts in Northern Uganda and has its headquarters in Kampala. TAOU was established after the completion of a sustainable agriculture project for widows and orphans in Lira, Oyam and Apac implemented by UWESO UK Trust at the time. During the implementation of the project it was observed that despite the prevailing peace in the region, a new war of poverty, land conflicts and HIV/AIDS had to be addressed alongside the other initiatives. TAOU has a Board of Directors comprising of seven members with professional backgrounds. TAOU also has an Advisory Committee selected from district political leaders, technical and a representative of the beneficiaries.

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TAOU’s strategy has been the development of a Sustainable Agriculture Training Programme which started in the mid-2012 and through which many families and communities in Northern Uganda have been transformed.

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